Vanuatu Bij Volebol Tim I Lus Long Faenal Blong Kontinental Kap

Sports in Vanuatu i ripotem se Vanuatu i lus long faenal blong bij volebol long saed blong ol women long AVC kontinental kap long Cook Islands yestede.

Australia i bin bitim Vanuatu long bikfala faenal ia blong kontinental kap yestede be still ol woman Vanuatu i kontiniu blong leftemap nem blong Vanuatu long spot ia ovasi.

Photo: Sports In Vanuatu
Photo: Sports In Vanuatu by Simo Warijo

Faenal sko blong tufala lokol saed ia i go olsem: Artacho Del Solar/Lard(AUS) def. Pata/Matauatu(VAN) 3-0 (21-17,13-21,15-11), Mowen/Palmer(AUS) def. Joe/Ler(VAN) 2-0 (21-14,22-20)

Nara tunamen we i stap kam antap emi Oceania Championship.


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