Temar: Toti oli sakem olbaot

Mi bin pass wan time long ples ya lo en blo last mamis mo mi sori tumas blo luk ol toti blo green coconut oli fuldaon i stap ya opposit long Foreign affairs office mo MSG office long Independence park.

Mi feel sad time mi lukim this, be no save se who ya ol man we oli stap mekem ples ya thinking that hemi plantation ples blo olgeta long aeland. Yumi stopem kaen fasin ia or katemaot ol stampa blo coconut ya nomo.



Julian Ligo


The current director for Yumi Toktok Stret. A strong advocator for the "internet" as a tool to support good governance. Currently promoting the internet as the tool to drive change and believes "media must play a better role in educating society"

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