Saening blong New ‘PMO Complex’

I gat wan saening blong VT 700 million ‘complex’ plan we ‘China State Construction Engineering Corp. Ltd’ mo daerekta jeneral blong ‘Prime Minister’s Office’ tufala mekem long wik ia.

Ol lokol media i ripotem se PM ofis we i stap naoia bae oli brekem daon mo bildim wan niufala kompleks.

Government building we i damej long saeklon Pam. Photo source: unknown

Blogger Daily Digester i givim sam critic se from wanem bae oli bildim wan niu kompleks blong PMO be kavman bilding long taon klosap long maket i kat sam damej afta long saeklon PAM mo Vanuatu i still nidim wan kot haus yet.


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