Ol Woman Askem ‘Reserve Seat’ long Palemen

‘Chief executive’ blong Vanuatu nasonal kaonsel blong ol woman i talem se ol man insaed long palemen i mas luk save raet blong ol woman.

‘Reserve Seat’, United Nation ‘Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, or CEDAW’ i tokbaot mo from yumi no stap folem i mekem plante woman oli stap stanap olsem ol indipenden kandidet nomo long ol eleksen.

Ms Cullwick i talem long Radio New Zealand se “Ol man mo political parties – i nogat ‘accountability’ mo ‘transparency’ long ol aksen blong olgeta, mekem only rod we ol woman oli luk emi blong yumi aplaem CEDAW Convention Article 4 blong wan ‘special temporary measure’ i save tekem ples blong yumi folem.”

Long las 2012 jenerol eleksen i bin kat 4 woman i bin kontes aot long 200 man mo wetem las tu bae eleksen, plante long olgeta nao ol indipenden kandidet mo oli neva pas mekem se ol man nomo i kontrolem palemen kasem tede.

Long 2015 ‘By-election’, i gat 2 woman kandidet i kontes mo aot long tu ia wan hemi independent kandidet Jocelyn Mete mo People’s Progressive Party woman kandidet blong hem hemi Nadia Kanekai, mo risal i soem se Nadia i kam nambatri long tebol.

With a low turnout (approx. 27.6%), Kenneth Natapei was declared the winner by a clear margin. Source: wikipedia


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