Niufala Nasonal Fonbuk

Niufala nasonal fonbuk i kamaot 223 pej everiwan.

Fonbuk ia oli raetem long inglis, franis mo bislama mo i karem infomesen olsem ’emergency numbers’, ‘personal directory’, ol infomosen blong Telecom rekiuleta,, ol intanasonal kod, Telekom Vanuatu Limited infomesen, ‘Digicel’ infomesen, Telsat infomesen, Wantok, mo saeklon infomesen, mo ’emergency first aid.

Afta long pej 30 i kat ol stampa infomesen olsem ‘Government Directory’, ‘White Pages’, ‘Email & Website Listings’, mo ‘Yellow Pages’.

Kavman daerektri

Long baksaed blong fonbuk ia i kat foto blong ol topfala pleya blong ‘european football’ we hemi wan ‘advertisement’ blong TVL we i patna wetem ‘CANALSAT Vanuatu’

Baksaed blong nasonal fonbuk
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