Mala: Lombaha Youth Cultural Festival 28th to 29 May 2017

The Penama Provincial Tourism Manager William Mala is looking forward to a two day cultural festival hosted by the Lombaha Youths on North Ambae. The “Lombaha Youth Cultural Festival” will be held on the 28th and 29th of may 2917.

Mr. Mala say’s “preparations are under way and eight (8) villages will be performing various cultural activities including traditional dances, traditional arts, traditional food preparations, and traditional handicraft”

“Tourism is everyones business and this festival will give us a fair idea of how well we can involve the community with tourism activities and developments”

Officials who will be attending this festival include the Acting DG for Trade and Tourism Mr. Borugu, Acting Director for Tourism, Mr. Donald Pelum, VTO Board Chairman, Avio Roberts along with VTO GM Adela Issacha.

The two day festival will be held at Lowainasasa Village, North Ambae.


Yumi Toktok Stret

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  1. Well Penama Tourism Office especially to the Manager – Mr William Mala
    A good initiative to start off with – Try as much as possible to introduce the same thing in other parts of Ambae, Pentecost and Maewo.
    Do not forget to tap into some Saints Day Celebrations of some of our churches to plan around their program so to attract some tourists to the event and make it happen annually. Take for Instances – St Andrew’s day on 30th Nov of every year. when I was with Torba Tourism we capitalize on the Saint Day on Rah with the committee headed by Fr. Luke Dini. We received at the beginning very small number of Tourists but as the years went by, their numbers increased considerably. The spin off from the small number of Tourists coming into Rah/Motalava every now and again resulted in more guest houses constructed, Fisherman’s Association set up for fishermen on the island to catch fish and supply to the Guest Houses, a poultry project negotiated & set up by SCA to supply eggs to the Guest Houses. All those people are members of the Motalava Tourism Association.
    I suggest you speak with Fr. Simeon Tarinago and start marketing VONDANOIBARI as a perfect example of a custom village.
    I am happy to share my experiences if with you and your colleague. Otherwise I am all for the increasing Tourism numbers in Penama particularly on Ambae because we have a Tarsealed Airport and most essential services available. Cheers

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