Krismas Nao!

Christmas is nigh, a common phrase to recount the time we say ‘Krismas Nao!’, this is the moment students enjoy the most, but for some, good memories to linger on, a new journey for some, holiday means family and food, love, laugh and fun for everyone.

We bumped into this photo on social media of the Onesua Presbyterian College graduation ceremony today and it reminds us of high school days, no matter our different walks of life, we have encountered one experience and that is ‘love and friendship’.


Onesua school song goes, long years we spent in working here have taught us all our joys to share, and recalling all our hope and fears through the years.

It is the not the end of the road, a new beginning for some, but we wish all year 6, 10, 12 and 13 around Vanuatu all the best for their exams and results and a safe Christmas and New Year 2016.


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