The 11th Vaturisu Conference has established a working committee mandated specifically to write down the ‘rules of custom’ for Efate.

Committee members consist of, Ian Dapang (rep Vatkorpau Council of Chiefs – South Efate), John Dean Karis (rep Silotolu Council of Chiefs – East Efate), Timo Kalnangis (rep Farea Lovetti Council of Chiefs West Efate), Marksau Sepa (rep Emau Council of Chiefs – Emau), Michael Manlaetoa (rep Maraki Navata – North Efate) and Levi Tarosa (rep NAPE Council of Chiefs – Nguna/Pele.)

Majority of Efate rural feel the Government laws do not work in favor of land owners.

A lot of Efate schooled minds do point out that the “Malvatumauri’s 19 resolution is not legislative, agreed through legislative process therefore it is not a legal instrument in which by law we should comply to”.

If true, this statement alone will become the biggest loophole in land dealings, especially with disputes throughout Vanuatu.


Yumi Toktok Stret

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