UK Labour support’s call by Vanuatu for a “climate damages tax”

UK Labour supported a call by Vanuatu for a “climate damages tax” on fossil fuel producers at a meeting of Commonwealth heads of government in London this week.

“It is eminently reasonable that those most responsible for the damages caused …

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Oxfarm exploring Digital Payments Solutions for Humanitarian Aid in Vanuatu

This week Oxfam is exploring digital payments solutions for humanitarian aid in Vanuatu and hoping to link it to other technology.

Oxfarm cash transfer feasibility study workshop was organised for 2 days as an introduction to Cash Transfer Programme and …

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The tropical depression that’s been hovering between Vanuatu and Fiji over the weekend has developed into a Tropical Cyclone.

The Fiji Met Service said Tropical Cyclone Keni is a category one, and was abut 800 kilometres west-north-west of Nadi, and …

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