VPIEF politikol tool blo VPP spendem ova 30 million

Long October 2012, Vanuatu Presidential Party i bin contestem general election be hemi no winim eni candidate blong hem.

Long March 2013, Vanuatu People’s Investment and Equity Fund hemi register olsem wan business name wetem Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) long nem blong ol executive mo sam blong ol candidate blong Vanuatu Presidential Party we oli bin lusum election long 2012 – eg, Ati George Sokomanu, John Bennett Bani, Louis Kalnpel, Luc Siba, etc.

Start long taem ia, ol advocate mo supporter blong VPIEF oli stat blong go raon long Vanuatu blong mekem awareness about VPIEF mo talem long ol man blong payem ol share stat long 2000 vatu mo fulap man i pem ol share long hem.  Awareness i talem se olgeta we oli pem share mo kam member blong VPIEF i save benefit blong buildimap wan money (“capital”) blong helpem olgeta long life blong olgeta.  Report i kamaot long media se VPIEF i resemap bitim 70 million vatu tru long ol smol-smol contribution blong fulap pipol blong Vanuatu.

Fulap man oli bin supportem VPIEF mo givim money mo time blong olgeta blong promotem, mo fulap man i lusum property blong olgeta tu from oli givim fulap money blong olgeta we oli neva karembak.

VPIEF hemi bin register olsem wan Cooperative wetem Department of Cooperatives long 10 September 2013, be from we hemi no folem mo brekem law blong cooperative (Cooperative Societies Act, Cap 152), Registrar blong Cooperatives i bin deregister VPIEF olsem wan cooperative long 2014-15.

Long 23 April 2015, VPIEF hemi bin register wetem VFSC olsem wan private company under long Companies Act [Cap 191], be kasem tede i nogat constitution blong hem o articles of association blong hem.

I gat 3 man nomo we oli sign long bank account blong VPIEF: Louis Kalnpel, John Bennett Bani mo Ati George Sokomanu.

Long start blong awareness long 2013, Louis Kalnpel i bin talem se Jean Marie Leye tu hemi wan signatory long bank account, be taem we Jean Marie Leye i lus, oli faenem se hemi no tru – Louis i bin stap saen be i no Jean Marie Leye.

Long February 2015, Vanuatu Presidential Party i stat blong pushum hand long money blong VPIEF.

VPIEF i spendem money blong ol memba long ol samting ia:

  • bitim 2 million vatu blong pem copra long Malekula we i nogat buyer blong hem, mekem se evri copra ia i sting mo oli neva winim eni money long hem
  • 6 milllion vatu long wan poultry project lo Paama – project ia i neva hapen be naoia Vanuatu Presidential Party i gat wan candidate lo snap election lo Paama
  • 2 million vatu blong bildim wan commercial centre long Epi mo putum wan motorbike lo aelan – project ia i neva hapen be naoia Vanuatu Presidential Party i gat wan candidate lo snap election lo Epi
  • pem wan graon mo wan trak mo wan boat long Santo, wan graon mo 2 trak long Tanna, mo wan graon wetem 1 trak long Vila – Vanuatu Presidential Party i gat candidate lo evri constituency ia long snap election ia
  • pem wan boat long Malekula – Vanuatu Presidential Party i gat wan candidate lo snap election lo Malekula
  • rentem wan store long Luganville
  • rentem wan office blong 340,000 vatu long wan manis lo Vila
  • rentem wan store blong 280,000 vatu long wan manis lo Vila (lo Korman)


Calculating the above, you can see that VPEIF has spent over 30 million of it members money in the last three years/.

Louis Kalnpel i bin promisim ol memba se bae i gat wan Mini-AGM long manis February 2015 mo long taem ia bae hemi prisentem financial report blong VPIEF mo wan draft constitution.  Hemia i neva bin happen – i nogat wan financial report long use blong bigfala money blong ol member kasem tede.

Afta AGM we i shud sidaon long 22 December long yia ia i no bin hapen tu.

Board blong VPIEF we hemi ol executive mo sam blong candidate blong Vanuatu Presidential Party long 2012 election oli neva bin elected o approved by ol member blong VPIEF.

Naoia ol mein man we oli ol first advocates mo supporters blong VPIEF long start blong hem long 2013 oli stap aot – VPIEF i stap aotem ol olfala staff mo karem ol new staff we oli no save gud background blong organisation.

Taem ol olfala member oli stap aot, oli stap karem refund blong money we oli putum insaed, be oli nogat eni interest long money ia – oli karem nomo stret money we oli putum i go insaed.

Long Sanma Provincial Election, Vanuatu Presidential Party i bin joen tugeta wetem MP Samson Samsen blong putum ol kandidet.

Naoia, long snap eleksen blong 2016, Vanuatu Presidential Party i stap campaign long ol man se sipos oli wantem luk system blong VPIEF i wok mo oli start blong karem sam money aot long hem, oli mas vot long ol candidate blong VPIEF.

KASEM TEDE, I NOGAT WAN MAN WE I PUTUM MONEY INSAED LONG VPIEF WE I KAREM WAN VATU I KAMBAK LONG HEM: I nogat dividend, i nogat interest, i nogat wan samting.

Ol memba bae oli filem wan ripot agensem Louis Kalnpel afta lo Snap Eleksen 2016.


Yumi Toktok Stret

Yumi Toktok Stret reporter. based in Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands, PNG, Australia, New Zealand, USA, England, South America, Middle East.

Profile used by various journalist around the region.


  1. why is everyone attacking VPIEF and its political arm VPP and talked graciously about GJP and other political parties. wanem i wrong, yufala i likem blong ol white skin oli stap climb long yumi. Wan famous quote blong olfala Tinaboa blong shepherd island i talem olsem, and mi quote ” well you are the government and what have you done for us” on quote. for the past 35 years of independence, every political parties we yufala i stap likem olgeta or sapotem olgeta oli stap lo government or blo talem stret oli enterem red roof. well, question we mi wantem askem olsem, what have they done for us? It seems everybody is complaining. people are complaining, ol man Vanuatu oli stap complain iet from lack of service delivery from the central government. Oli tokbaot policies after policies be i never carried out. What’s wrong. You, you wrong or party for you i wrong.

    Poverty is rising and is creeping slowly into the heart of our society. More and more people are coming to town (place we yumi callem finance center place we money i ron) hoping to find better life but sadly more are jobless. 20vt i stap lo every corner blo Port Vila town wanem yumi karem independent blo mekem 20vt and leko ol foreigner oli take over lo ol major business and yumi slave blo olgeta bihainem ass blo olgeta lo own country blo yumi. Ating hemia nao famous toktok we oli se “government for the people and people for the government”. yumi make save ia nao lo country blo yumi.

    VPP hemi wan party we i wantem putum back hope to the people. Blo setemap wan system in place we people i work bai oli no beg and participate lo economical activity blo development blo country ia. Hemia nao economical independent. Economical independent bai i happen nomo taem people stret (ino half olsem number blo ol workman lo VNPF naoia) oli se enough is enough and we demand a change in the system, and oli work in the land of freedom we ol founding father blo yumi oli fight from lo 1980.

    You we you stap complain mi pray olsem you tingting good you considerem every option scalem good ol toktok from vote blo you hemi important. Taem you castem once you rippim lo four years time. Tanks…. God bless

    Vote VPP vote economical independent

  2. VPIEF is scam! I doubted very much individual members will get their money back. The executives of VPIEF have no financial background and sadly to pay interest to members VPIEF has to operate like a financial institution. With capital over VT30mn, and since VPIEF is accepting deposits from members, it is now operates like a Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) which ultimately requires Banking Licence from the Vanuatu Reserve Bank.

    It is truly a dark side of investment for those who have already invested money into VPIEF when there is no Constitution that mandates its operation. How can there are be AGMs when there is no constitution that recognised hosting AGMs. A Legislation will allow the appointment of the executives and mandate how VPIEF should operate.

    This is truly a scam, blindfolding illiterate members in the rural communities into a scheme that will only benefit 1 or 2 people.

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