John Olo Aru is New President of Sanma Province

John Olo Aru long Saot eria
John Olo Aru long Saot eria

The 18 new elected Sanma Provincial councillors today elected Graon mo Jastis Pati councilor John Olo Aru as the new president of the council at the Sanma Provincial headquarter in Santo.

Councilor Olo Aru hails from South Santo was declared the winner with 17 votes, only after a successful majority win of 5 councillors in the provincial election a month ago.

The provincial election results shows GJP has 5 seats, UMP 4 seats, RMC, VP, and VPP 2 seats each and Hope Party, Iakuo Group and FMP, making up the new 18-member council.

Emerging from South Santo, Olo Aru creates history for his constituency in the south as the first ever councilor to be elected President in any Sanma Provincial Council history, since 1994.

source: wikipedia
source: wikipedia

Vanuatu has been divided into six provinces since 1994 and the names in English of all provinces are derived from the initial letters of their constituent islands.

The win also puts GJP leading 3 Provincial government as president namely Shefa, Malampa and now Sanma Province.


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