Ligo apologises to Kalsakau

Folem fulap toktok we kamaot lo sam memba blo VP, mi wandem apologise lo Ishmael Kalsakau from everi toktok we mi or ani nara memba blo YTS or ani memba blo VP mekem kam lo yu.

Mi apologise from ol toktok we kamaot lo ol memba blo YTS we sam ating oli ko tumas. Olsem ol taem mi tekem full responsibiliti lo ol actions blo ani memba blo YTS mo yu save holem mi accountable from ani defemative toktok we kamaot.

Spos yu wandem putum ani man lo kot from defimesen, yu putum nem blo mi lo behaf blo ol memba blo YTS mo ani nara memba lo VP we mekem ol kaen toktok olsem kam lo yu.

Bakeken mi apologise kam lo yu.

Tank Yu tumas.


Julian Ligo


The current director for Yumi Toktok Stret. A strong advocator for the "internet" as a tool to support good governance. Currently promoting the internet as the tool to drive change and believes "media must play a better role in educating society"

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