Labrumat: Edward Natapei’s home

Inside the nasara’s and nakamals, you can hear them say, “Natapei belongs to Lenakel”


Edward Natapei’s father came to Tanna to work for the old business man, Ballande. Above the hill of Laminu, Edward Natapei grew up and attended Lenakel School.

At Labrumat looking down at Lenakel
At Labrumat looking down at Lenakel

The graves of Edward Natapei parents are here on Labrumat, a small Village above Laminu. The interesting thing about Labrumat is that it is also where Ballande, a Noumea based company built one of their shops in the late 60’s.

The old Ballande Shopping Center
The old Ballande Shopping Center

The families around Labrumat insist he come home, “Some families have come to Port Vila, but the chiefs are sleeping in the nakamals and waiting for him to come home. He is a child of Lenakel, he was born here and his parents are buried here”


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