Electoral office to release official results on Monday 1st February

Radio Vanuatu news reports on the 2016 election updates today about electoral office has finally confirmed releasing the election official results on Monday 1st February 2016 around ten o’clock in the morning.


Gabriel Vusilai is a senior journalist at the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBTC)

“The word ‘independence’ is out of date”: Christian Karembeu

The 1998 world football champion, from New Caledonia, talks about the self-determination vote, the problems of the archipelago and his Kanak roots. Christian Karembeu has New Caledonia in the blood. The world football champion, born in 1970 on the island of Lifou, closely follows the situation of the archipelago whose inhabitants are called to vote …


Emiratis exempt from pre-entry visa to Vanuatu

Emiratis holding diplomatic, special, mission and ordinary passports are now exempt from pre-entry visas to visit Vanuatu. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation announced that the visa waiver is effective as of 21st October, with the possibility of UAE citizens travelling to Vanuatu to stay for a period up to 90 days. #UAE …


RIP Antoine Pikoune

Antoine Pikoune, a political activist and driver for change in many aspects that contributes to growth and development of Vanuatu, has passed away yesterday 21 September 2017 at the age of 57. Late Antoine Pikoune was first Secretary of the Ministry of Finance in 1991, and later on served with PM Serge Vohor in 1996, …


LPV: A fundamental change to address ‘Domestic Violence’

President of the Leaders Party of Vanuatu Hon. Jotham Napat MP has called for a fundamental change in the way we as a nation address domestic violence. “It’s the elephant in the room. We know it goes on, we have rallies of support and promises to do more, but we as a nation are not …




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