Dr. Robin: NCD is on the rise after PAM

The Tafea Sectoral Summit continues into its second week. Today will see presentations from the Department of Youth and Sports and the National Youth Council who have arrived on Tanna yesterday.

A lot of people have turned up this morning from 8am to be involved in the Rebuilding Tafea Sectoral Summit and give their views on how Tafea province should recover and in what way after Cyclone PAM.

The past few days has seen presentations from different sectors around Tafea Province including the Agriculture Department, Tourism and Health.

Doctor Robin from Lenakel Hospital stated during the Health Sector presentations that “the Health sector is facing challenges but the most significant serious issue to address right now is NCDs.”

Dr. Robin explained to the forum that “there are health risks to tackle after cyclone Pam because human lifestyle and behavior have changed incredibly”

“It is very important for Provincial Health Officers to ensure awareness programs to people about health are provided”

“We are glad to have an opportunity to present to Tafea province and the participants from the outer Islands some serious issues about health”


Julian Ligo


The current director for Yumi Toktok Stret. A strong advocator for the "internet" as a tool to support good governance. Currently promoting the internet as the tool to drive change and believes "media must play a better role in educating society"

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