Oxfarm exploring Digital Payments Solutions for Humanitarian Aid in Vanuatu

This week Oxfam is exploring digital payments solutions for humanitarian aid in Vanuatu and hoping to link it to other technology.

Oxfarm cash transfer feasibility study workshop was organised for 2 days as an introduction to Cash Transfer Programme and …

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NDMO Director: Aid already expired when they were donated to Vanuatu.

After a Press release by Yumi Toktok Stret was published throughout the internet, confirmed reports by Radio New Zealand say the Vanuatu’s National Disaster Management Office has started dumping tonnes of leftover relief food supplies that had exceeded their expiry
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Israel emi Sendem ‘Humanitarian Aid’ long Vanuatu

Israel emi kontiniu blong sendem ‘humanitarian aid’ long Vanuatu mo las manis oli sendem ol spesel kaikai blong sapotem olgeta we saeklon Pam i bin kilim nogud olgeta.

Aid ia emi ol kaikai we i rij long ‘nutrients’ mo helti …

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