• Charley leads Vanuatu into World Marathon Amongst the 28 Elite Gold Runners was Vanuatu’s Golden boy who survived the raging but fun 42.195 KM run early this morning in Hong Kong. Not only did Charley finish the race with a timing of 3:15:39, placing him in an elite class amongst the 74,000 athletes but he has also placed ‘Vanuatu’ into international ...
  • Akhamb Aelan holem saksesful GJP Nasonal Kokas miting Long Fraede 11 kasem Sande 14 Januari, Graon mo Jastis Pati (GJP) hemi bin holem namba 5 Nasonal Kokas miting blong hem long aelan blong Akhamb long saot Malekula, hom bes blong GJP MP blong Malekula, Hon. John Sala. Konstityusen blong GJP hemi talem se evri yia i mas gat wan Nasonal Kokas miting we ...
  • Charley to compete alongside World Marathon record holder Melaku Belachew Simon Charley has less than 48 hours left before he gets on that 42km run on Sunday, 21 January 2018. Amongst 74,000 runners from all over the world, the 19 year old, from Vanuatu is the only runner from the Oceania region competing in this world-class event. Vanuatu’s treble Gold medalist at the VAN2017 will be ...
  • New Zealand awards over 30 scholarships to Ni- Vanuatu A total of 39 Ni-Vanuatu have been awarded long term scholarships through the New Zealand Scholarship Programme to study in New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea for the 2018 academic year. 18 of the recipients will study at different universities around New Zealand while the remaining 21 will attend Fiji National University, University of ...
USA kava market on verge of collapse
The current pricing set by farmers in Vanuatu over kava is taking its toll in the USA as reports indicate the Kava Bar Market in America could collapse due to the rising prices being set in ..
Below is an account of recent activities. All details are true and correct, however, several parties who can bear witness to these events are reluctant to come forward due to fear for personal and property safety. ..
Tropical Cyclone “Fehi” forms near New Caledonia, heading toward New ..
Tropical Cyclone “Fehi” formed late Sunday, January 28, 2018 (UTC) just west of New Caledonia as the first named storm of the 2017/18 South Pacific tropical cyclone season. Fehi is expected to produce heavy rain over ..
Vanuatu Information Centre Appoints Harvey Law Group as Global Representative
Mr James Harris, Managing Director of the VIC network remarked the official appointment of Harvey Law Group as a global representative means a significant elevation in the profile of the Development Support Program, in line with ..

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