• Manaro Voui volcano caught by DEIMOS2 during its last eruption ManaroVoui volcano in Vanuatu’s Ambae Island caught by DEIMOS2 during its last eruption. #ManaroVoui volcano in Vanuatu's Ambae Island caught by #DEIMOS2 during its last eruption. #EmergencyServices pic.twitter.com/Mg1rzcsZ8a — UrtheCast (@UrtheCast) November 3, 2017 Deimos-2 is a Spanish remote sensing Earth observation satellite built for Elecnor Deimos under an agreement with Satrec Initiative, a satellite ...
  • UNDP to help Vanuatu implement NDC towards low-emission development A new UNDP Pacific project was signed this week to help Vanuatu implement ‘Nationally Determined Contributions‘ (NDC) towards low-emission development. New @UNDP_Pacific project signed to help #Vanuatu 🇻🇺 implement #NDC toward low-emission development, followed by #PlantATree ceremony pic.twitter.com/dfJD50c3kE — BakhodirUNDP (@BakhodirUNDP) November 4, 2017 The signing was followed by a Plant-A-Tree ceremony performed by UNDP ...
  • Matautaava receives a new bat from a Melbourne fan Melbourne Classic Bat Repairs have presented a new bat to Vanuatu cricket gun Patrick Matautaava in Melbourne this week for his season. Great to catch up with @vanuatu_cricket gun Patrick Matautaava in Melbourne and deliver him a new bat for his season @EssendonCC #classic pic.twitter.com/MmW5PSTLFD — Classic Bat Repairs (@ClassicBats) November 5, 2017 The company ...
  • FOOTBALL: Sydney FC Youth defeated Vanuatu 3-0 The Vanuatu soccer team touring Australia as part of their preparation for Pacific Games and international friendly with the national team of Estonia in November, were beaten by Sydney FC youth today (11th November 2017) in a friendly match. NYL | A good pre-season hit out as our next generation of Sky Blues defeated Vanuatu ...
Digicel Vanuatu introduces 4G+ and how it allows you to ..
Digicel Vanuatu has introduced the 4G+, also known as Carrier Aggregation. What is 4G+? It is a technology that allows cell phones to occupy two frequencies instead of one to download data, resulting in a higher ..
Tsunami warning for Vanuatu and New Caledonia
An undersea earthquake of magnitude 7.0 struckĀ in the South Pacific on Monday, sending tsunami waves towards New Caledonia and Vanuatu. The quake, initially reported as magnitude 7.3, struck 51 miles east of the Loyalty Islands and ..
Acid Rain from Manaro reaches East Santo
Recent Volcanic eruptions on Manaro has seen acid rain reaching East Santo. Acid rain from Lobenben on Ambae is now visible on the nearby islands of Maewo, Pentecost and extending now to East Santo. Reports from ..
PVMC owes Landowners VT50 million premium for Bouffa Landfill
The Bouffa Bellvue Custom Landowners Estate on October 2017 issued PVMC the first notice to settle the land premium of VT50,000,000 for the Bouffa Landfill. Yan Amos Dapang in a written notice to PVMC stated PVMC ..

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